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Questions that we are happy to answer

These are some of the most common questions about our service. If you do not find here the information you want, fill out the form or send a email to apoioaocliente@bringeat.pt.

BRING EAT! is a food delivery service, which offers the customer a wide range of restaurants from which they can order a meal for delivery.
We have 3 major commitments: Diversity, restaurant price and 100% Quality
    At BRING EAT! find all types of restaurants, with selected deliveries, or where delivery is guaranteed by our team of employees; Investments in technology to provide a superior service. It uses a computer platform that allows you to execute your order with maximum efficiency, and put at your disposal a website and mobile applications, so that you can use your orders simply and quickly. As we believe that people are a key part of the company's operation, all of our employees undergo a training process to ensure the best service.
Just click the "Log-In" button in the upper right corner, and choose "Create an account", filling the requested data.
Full name, email address and mobile phone number.
The personal data of each client can only be viewed by the same or any of our employees. Your password is encrypted in the database, and it is not possible their recovery without replacing it. The system BRING EAT! It is housed in a private cloud, thereby minimizing potential security risks.
Just click on the link "Retrieve password" available from the authentication form. To do this, you must tell us your email address, to which will be sent information regarding the procedure to be performed.
Access your personal area where you can view and change your personal data. However if you need to change your phone number or email, please contact our costumer service.
Restaurants have different delivery areas. When you do a search, will only be listed restaurants who deliver to the address indicated.
Make sure you entered your address correctly. If the situation persists probably the address you provided us is outside the limits of the delivery area. However, if you think your address falls within the delivery area please contact our customer support services.
No. But can you leave your suggestion by contacting our customer support services.
Just use one of the communication channels available (website, mobile applications and phone), see the restaurants available for delivery to your address, choose the dishes you want, select the payment method, the delivery time and wait for the arrival of the courier with your meal.
Yes. Search our restaurants, select the dishes you want but if you are not registered at the time of submitting the order you will be asked to register.
Yes, however you´ll have to make each order separately. When you finish your first order you´ll have de oportunity to select the option of placing another order. You need to select this option, and then you´ll have 10 minutes to place the second order. The two orders will be taken care of after those 10 minutes.
Probably the address you provided us is outside the limits of the delivery area. However if you think your address falls within the delivery area please contact our customer support services.
Yes. For each restaurant there is a minimum order amount.
Yes. You can select drinks from the restaurant menu or from our Covenience Store, wich is available in every restaurant.
Yes. BRING EAT! undertakes to charge you for the meal exactly the same price that is on the menu in the restaurant. You’ll just pay more a small delivery fee depending on the chosen restaurant.
Through one of the contact methods provided, mobile phone (SMS) or e-mail you will be notified that the order has been accepted by the restaurant, also receiving status updates through the process.
No. Once the request is made we pledge to send it to the restaurant as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact our helpline 304 500 510 .
The deliverey time each order takes depends of various factors, some of them not our responsability. However, the average delivery time is of 45 to 60 minutes.
If you requested the email confirmation, please check if it is not on your spam folder. If it is not, please call our costumer support line, 304 500 510, and we will help you.
Call our online customer support 304 500 510 and our operator will analyse your situation to check if the cancellation / change is possible.
In your customer account, “order history" check your “completed orders", and select the "re-order" option.
Yes. We allow pre-orders for the same day and the next day. Just perform the request in the same way and before you submit your order, choose the day and time of delivery you want.
To pace your order now, please contact our call-center, 304 500 510. To report your situation please contact our customer support services.
In your customer account access the "order history", "actives order" and check the status of your order. You can also contact our online customer support 304 500 510.
Contact our online customer support 304 500 510 and we’ll solve your problem.
Contact our online customer support 304 500 510 and we’ll solve your problem.
To make your claim please contact our customer support services.
Depending on the type of restaurant you chose your invoice will be sent to the email address you provided us in your customer account, or delivered by hand along with your meal.
You can choose to do it online, in a practical and safe way using the MBWay service. On delivery you can opt for cash, card or MBWay (some restaurants may not have all these options. You can see the options available in each restaurant, on their page)
Before you submit your order, if you have a voucher available you can select from the list of vouchers. If you have a code you can insert it in the proper field for this purpose.
Your money will be refunded in full. If you want, you can turn that value in credit to make another order.
Yes. Once your meal is delivered to you, you can write your review, within 7 days, by accessing your customer account, "order history" and selecting in the "order completed" tab, the order you want to review.
You can’t remove the review, however you can edit it until 15 minutes after submission.
To place your question please contact our customer support services.