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At BRING EAT! it is so easy to get your order

BRING EAT! is a company prepared for today's technologies, which facilitate digital transactions. Therefore, we place at your disposal the latest technology for the payment of your order, at the time of delivery: MBWay. We also maintain the option of paying in cash or with an ATM card. If you intend to pay at the time of ordering, you can do so through an ATM reference that will be sent to your email, when the order is confirmed.

Payment Methods

What is MBWay? MBWay

MBWay is a recent but tested and proven technology. Easies the transaction for both parties. It has no cost associated to the consumer and is easy to join. It's an application that you install on your Smartphone or Tablet and replaces your bank cards. It's safe, fast and convenient. And membership is free and simple.

1º - Join in an ATM, using the card of the bank account you want to associate;
2º - Download the mobile application for your smartphone or tablet;
3º - Open the application and activate your MBWay.

See all the information, and a list of participating banks to MBWay in www.mbway.pt site.